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Survivors of Suicide, Inc.
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Some sites that may be of interest...

Sites for Suicide Loss Grievers

"For Suicide Survivors"
Suicide Survivors Corner (Blog)
Surviving Suicide
"Surviving After Sucide" Carson J. Spencer Foundation
"Bereavement by Suicide" The Child Bereavement Trust (UK)
Friends for Survival
Fierce Goodbye
Survivors of Suicide
Helping a Suicide Survivor Heal
Living with Suicide (PBS Online)
Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide
What about us: The legacy of suicide
Memory Tree of Lights
Tips for Survivors of Suicide
"What to do when a relative commits homicide-suicide"(Go to "Articles")
Molli's Garden
EMPACT-Suicide Prevention Center Survivor Info (Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention)
Suicide Survival and More
My Bereavement.Net
Suicide Survivors Pamplet (From NEED Crisis and Information Line)
Sunday Morning - Resources for Survivors of Suicide Offers Information/Support for Afro-Americans on Suicide & Loss
First Aid for Suicide Survivors
When a trauma occurs
Suicide Loss Support Groups in Canada
"You are not Alone: Guide for Managing Aftermath of a Suicide" (Ireland) (pdf)
"Coping When a Loved One Takes Their Life" (Mayo Clinic)
The European Directory of Suicide Survivor Services (pdf)
"Solace Newsletter" (Alachua County Crisis Center, FL)

Sites For Those With Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide Prevention Help
Befrienders International
Managing Against Tomorrow - Suicide Prevention, Part I
Have-A-Heart's Depression and Suicide Home
"The Preventative" this first!
Suicide Helplines
Suicide Prevention Help - Global Directory
Are you feeling suicidal?"

Sites for Active Military & Veterans

USAF Suicide Prevention Program
US Army Suicide Prevention Program
Army Behavioral Health -- Suicide Prevention
USCG Suicide Prevention Information
USMC Suicide Prevention Program
USMC Postvention Site
US Navy Suicide Prevention Program
National Guard Suicide Prevention Web Site
VA Suicide Prevention Awareness
NAMI Veterans Resource Center/Suicide Prevention
"Battle Wounds" (Preventing Suicide National Journal)
"Younger Veterans at Greater Suicide Risk" (WebMD)
TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
Humana Military Health Services/Suicide Awareness

Facts and Statistics

Suicide in the U.S.: Statistics and Prevention NIMH
Publications about Suicide Prevention NIMH
Suicide Medline Plus
Suicide Facts & Warning Signs
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide in US States and Regions, 1996
Regional Suicide Data
WISQARS - Web-based Injury Statistical Query and Reporting System

Education and Information

American Association of Suicidology
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN)
Suicide Prevention International (SPI)
National Organization of People of Color Against Suicide
EndingSuicide.Com - Suicide Prevention Education (CE) for Professionals
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) Suicide Information Site
Survivors of Suicide Curriculum
Suicide and Suicide Prevention
Suicide Risk Management
Post-Traumatic Stress & Suicide
Why do people suicide?
Youth Suicide: The Problem and Intervention Strategies
Rosbrien Suicide Awareness Group
Suicide and Self-harm Information
Suicide Facts - Encarta
Suicide FAQ -
SUICIDE - MedlinePlus
"Suicide" eMedicine Article
Suicide Prevention Help" Prevention and postvention study links.
Suicide: A Reactive Action
Psy.Com's List of Books About Suicide

High Risk Groups

Suicide Anonymous 12-Step Self-help Support Group
Bipolar Disorderand Suicide
Teen Suicide
Suicide among gay/bisexual males youths
Suicide Among Black Youth
POLICE SUICIDE: Understanding Grief & Loss
TEARS OF A COP - Under Pressure
National P.O.L.I.C.E. Suicide Foundation
About Teen Suicide

Prevention, Intervention & Postvention

Teenscreen: Adolescent Suicide and Mental Health Screening
Delaware County Suicide Prevention Awareness Task Force
Saving Kids from suicide
Suicide Prevention: What will work and what will not
Prevention of Suicide
"What can I do?"
Preventing Suicide
Screening by Primary Care Physicians
Advice for Clergy on Handling a Suicide Threat
Managing Against Tomorrow - Suicide Part II
"Evaluation and Treatment of Patients with Suicidal Ideation"
Suicide risk Assessment Workshop - Online Presentation
Preventing Suicide Network
Suicide Assessment, Intervention and Prevention (Morton M. Silverman, M.D.)
Stop a Suicide Today!
Preventing Suicide: Individual Acts Create a Public Health Crisis
SAMHSA Directory of Evidence-Based Suicide Prevention Programs

Interfaith Resources

Note on Roman Catholic Funerals and Suicide
Evangelical Lutheran Church Statement on Suicide
Ask the Rabbi - Burying a Suicide
Suicide - Challenge to Ministry (UMC)

Some Other Pertinent Sites

Suicide Prevention International
Suicidal.Com (Resources on Suicide Prevention and Depression and More)
Therapists As Survivors of Patient Suicides
"The stigma of suicide within us"
"Suicide and the Agony of Separateness"
Does suicidal behavior occur in persons with Down Syndrome?
"Suicide by Managed Care: The Cost of Care vs. the Value of Life"
Suicide on the Internet A Sociological Analysis of a Virtual Community
Survivor Support Group Principles
Living with someone who is suicidal From Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
International Association for Suicide Prevention(IASP)
Suicide and Mental Health International
The Suicide Super List
Suicide Disorders Health Sites (140+ links to suicide-related site)
Pennsylvania Stratedgy for Adult Suicide Prevention

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Last Modified 10.29.10